├█╠ĎAV┬ápositively impacts the lives of┬ápeople living in Dorset, the south and south-west England.┬áWe support social development locally by collaborating with charities and third sector organisations.

Our associates include public authorities, businesses, schools, cultural institutions, civil societies, charities and other influential bodies. Together, we aim to respond to societal challenges at a regional, national, and international level, working to create positive change.

Our community associates

├█╠ĎAV hosts regular on-campus meetings with local charities and community support organisations. These meetings provide a collaborative space in which attendees are invited to share their expertise and resources, so that we can make a difference together.┬á├█╠ĎAV representatives include faculty leads.┬á and ┬áare also present.

Through this approach, we are proud to provide opportunities in which the ├█╠ĎAV community can make a difference.┬á

For more information on community associations, please email Layne Hamerston, Community Partnerships Manager: [email protected]

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